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Tours and Tour Packages

The signature is excellence.

We don't just offer aircraft charter. We also offer bespoke packages that create an unmissable experience.

There are so many different possibilities and for so many different groups - corporate reward, business reward and celebrations, schools, community groups, families, friends, birthdays, anniversaries, bands, sports teams, car clubs, golf clubs - the list goes on!

We very proudly operate a high end fleet of charter aircraft, including two Cessna Citation private jets.

We operate from both Perth Domestic Airport and Jandakot Airport. 

Let us show you what flying should be.

The flexibility, convenience and ability to design your own bespoke itinerary. 

We don't offer just a flight from A to B. You can go anywhere for that.


What we offer is an experience - an opportunity to enjoy a time when perhaps life was simpler and things happened at an easier pace. Good food, good drink, good company. And experiences like nothing else you can find anywhere.

We look forward to welcoming you on board.

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