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Penjet Compliances

Penjet holds a number of approvals from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) in reference to our operations and our training.

We are the holder of a Part 121 Air Operators Certificate - Air Transport Operations, Larger Aeroplanes. This is the same standard applicable to all major airlines in Australia.

We also hold both Part 141 and Part 142 Flight Training Approvals. What this means is we hold approvals to train our own crew internally on our aircraft types - there is no need for us to use external contractors - which means our crew are guaranteed to be trained consistently to our necessarily high standards.


For our clients this comes back to our core values of safety, reliability and the highest standard of operational excellence.

We also hold BARS Registration and are regularly audited to ensure compliance with these standards - this is over an above the standard assessments required by CASA.

See below for our approvals and authorisations.

CASA.AOC.0030 Initial1024_1.jpg
CASA.AOC.0030 Initial1024_3.jpg
CASA.AOC.0030 Initial1024_2.jpg
CASA.AOC.0030 Initial1024_4.jpg

Air Operators Certificate Number CASA.AOC.0030 (including Part 142 training activities)

CASA.141 FTO.0387 Initial1024_1.jpg
CASA.141 FTO.0387 Initial1024_2.jpg

Part 141 Flight Training Authorisation Number CASA.141 FTO.0387

CASA.138AWK.0154 Initial1024_1.jpg
CASA.138AWK.0154 Initial1024_2.jpg

Part 138 Aerial Work Authorisation Number CASA.138AWK.0154

Penjet BARS Certificate 20221024_1.jpg

Flight Safety Foundation BARS Registration Certificate

CASA.COA.0447, Revision 5-1.jpg
CASA.COA.0447, Revision 5-2.jpg
CASA.COA.0447, Revision 5-3.jpg

Penjet AMO CAR30 Maintenance Approval

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